West Virginia Association of Physical Plant Administrators

Welcome to the WVAPPA Website! WVAPPA stands for West Virginia Association of Physical Plant Administrators. We are a group of individuals that work at our prospective colleges or universities in the same capacity but at different levels. We are the people that maintain the buildings and will generally be the group that also oversees new construction projects and renovations on campus. Please feel free to explore the website and get to know WVAPPA and please consider joining us! We have shown, time and time again, that having a network like this to draw from, helps us each day! There is a lot of experience here so dive right in! WVAPPA is an organization that draws from 14 public and private institutions in West Virginia. Those institutions, that range in size, populations and degrees, are all unique in their own ways! Our purpose is to promote the common interest in care, construction, and operation of the Physical Plants at the colleges and universitites around the state. We are also looking to foster a professional spirit with all involved. Members are dedicated to the quality operation and maintenance of their campuses and through WVAPPA there is training and opportunities avaliable to help with decisions that are made daily. The colleges and universities that are currently benefiting from WVAPPA are: Alderson-Broddaus College, Concord University, Davis and Elkins College, Fairmont State University, Glenville State College, Marshall University, Mountain State University, Shepherd University, West Liberty University, West Virginia State University, West Virginia University, West Virginia University-NASA, West Virginia Wesleyan, and Wheeling Jesuit University. We are also thrilled to have Blue Ridge Community and Technical College and look forward to adding more from the CTC field in West Virginia. WVAPPA is also a member of SRAPPA and national APPA and their information can be found below. SRAPPA: To promote the common interest in the construction, care, and operation of Physical Plants used by Universities and Colleges within the region; and to foster the professional spirit among the persons engaged in this work; and to aid and supplement the work of the international organization, APPA, “The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers.” www.srappa.org APPA: History: APPA was founded in Chicago in 1914 by representatives from fourteen Midwest institutions. Over the past 35 years, membership has grown - from 100 in 1970 to the current membership levels which exceeds 5,200 individuals in over 1,500 learning institutions throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Two-year institutions were admitted to membership in 1969. The headquarters was established in Washington, D.C. in June 1972 and moved to Alexandria, Virginia in July 1984. APPA expanded its global outreach in 1993 with the creation of its first international region. In 2003, APPA embraced the philosophy of international outreach rather than membership, to allow international regions and other sovereign countries to organize and relate to APPA in new and different ways. Organized originally as the Association of Superintendents of Buildings and Grounds, the association later became the Association of Physical Plant Administrators of Universities and Colleges. In 1991, the name APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers was adopted to reflect increased higher education-based campus responsibilities. In 2005, the association began to identify itself simply as APPA, to pay homage to its long history, but to be inclusive of all types of educational institutions. At the APPA 2007 conference in Baltimore on July 15, the association introduced the organization’s new logo and tagline, representative of APPA’s new brand personality. The new APPA brand logo and tagline are meant to capture what our organization is all about and are the foundations for the accomplishment of the first of APPA’s 7 Key Strategies – the development of a clear brand personality. About APPA (formerly the Association of Physical Plant Administrators) is the association of choice serving educational facilities professionals. An international association dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the quality of educational facilities, APPA represents more than 1,500 learning institutions serving over 4,700 individuals. APPA's membership includes facilities professionals from public and private, two-year and four-year colleges and universities; community and two-year technical colleges; medical and law schools; seminaries; public and private K-12 schools and districts; museums and parks; military installations; federal, state, and city-county governments. Founded in 1914 as a learning forum for those engaged in the improvement and maintenance of educational buildings and grounds, APPA has a long history of effectively meeting the needs of its members and acting as a catalyst to their growth and advancement. Through the years, APPA has provided the forum in which its members collaborate, learn, and create a vision for a better future. APPA elevates educational facilities professionals into higher performing managers and leaders, and helps them transform their institutions into more inviting and supportive learning environments. This furthers the recognition and value of the field, highlighting the direct impact facilities have on the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff. APPA promotes excellence in the administration, planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations of educational facilities. In addition, APPA serves the entire education community by conducting research, providing learning opportunities, producing publications, developing guidelines, and serving as a central information source on educational facilities issues. Please visit APPA's website below. They offer so much good information and can be a great resource in addition to WVAPPA!

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